the process

  1. Please call us to discuss your recruitment requirements.
  2. We will make sure you speak to the most relevant Consultant.
  3. We will listen to your brief, ask questions and try to open up all the possibilities so you find the best person.
  4. Ideally if you have time we will visit you and get a feel for the 'type' of candidate who will suit your business.
  5. We like to know what the candidates can expect from your business to match their career aspirations and your expectations.
  6. We will then work on your brief and send you CV's for candidates we have met and discussed your role with.

What we won't do:

  1. We won't send many CV's – there are not normally many candidates who fit your criteria.
  2. We won't oversell your role to trick candidates into thinking the role could be right for them.
  3. We won't turn our backs on you if the placement doesn't work out for some reason.

sectors and specialities

We work on the principle of listening to both parties and understanding their key criteria.

Our team is well known as the recruitment leaders in the events and conference sector, mainly because we have consistently placed great candidates into jobs they love over more than a decade.

We recruit in London and Internationally for 'Information Providers' on-line, in print and in social media including Conference and Publishing Houses and many of the world’s leading commercial event organisers and PR/marcoms agencies, filling positions in the UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, mainland Europe and beyond.

Our aim is to ensure a perfect match, both to meet the needs of the client and to build the candidate’s career – it has clearly worked...

Each of us at Real Recruitment will put huge effort and commitment into finding the right candidate for the right role. Try us.

Our clients include:

  • Professional bodies and trade organisations
  • Conference and publishing companies
  • Event organisers and venues
  • PR/Communication Agencies/CRM roles




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